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Moving Services: Simplify Your Move with Expert Assistance

moving servicesHiring a moving company offers a fantastic way to delegate some, most, or all of your tasks. Depending on your budget, you can hire full-service movers or select specific moving company services that are crucial to you and will minimize your stress on the big day.

Every moving company you collaborate with provides its own set of services. However, it is beneficial to be aware of the types of services you can expect and the services that might not be advertised but can be requested if you’re interested.

Essential moving company services

Most providers go beyond mere transportation on a moving day; they provide a wide range of moving company services to ensure a more straightforward and less stressful move. Here are some moving company services you can utilize and additional specialty services worth exploring if you have specific requirements.

Packing and unpacking

  • Many people consider packing and unpacking the most tedious and time-consuming aspect of moving, and we understand entirely. So, why eliminate this step and have your moving company handle it? Moving companies excel in packing, especially when efficiently boxing up your belongings. As a bonus, they can even provide the packing materials (although these may come at an additional cost, as expected).

Furniture disassembly and reassembly

  • Moving companies are capable of preparing your smaller items for the move. They can also handle the preparation of your furniture. This entails disassembling any necessary pieces, securely wrapping them up, and, if desired, reassembling everything at your new home.

Truck loading and unloading

  • Whether you cannot handle the heavy lifting or prefer not to, you can hire a moving company to load and unload your truck, even if you are the one driving. Lifting heavy or bulky items, such as boxes, can be hazardous, and arranging them efficiently in the back of a truck can be challenging. Instead, entrust the task to the experts and save yourself the trouble.

Transportation of your belongings

  • Whether you are moving across the street, across town, or the country, transport ranks as one of the most popular moving company services. It is an excellent option for individuals who need help driving a large truck quickly. Local moves follow a simple procedure, with movers going directly from your old home to your new one while you closely follow. However, for cross-country moves, you should anticipate receiving a delivery window for your shipment, which may or may not align with your arrival date.

Packing material disposal

  • All the packing involved in the moving process generates a substantial amount of waste, including piles of boxes, discarded packing paper, air-filled plastic wrap, and no longer-needed packing tape. If managing all this sounds overwhelming, you’re in luck—many moving companies will handle the proper disposal of packing materials for you.


  • If you won’t be transitioning directly from your old home to your new one or are downsizing and have yet to decide on a plan for specific items, inquire with your moving company about their storage options. Some moving companies have storage facilities, while others collaborate with local storage providers and can assist you in arranging storage at a discounted rate. If neither of these options is available, they can transport your belongings to a storage facility of your preference and load them into your unit.

Specialty item management

  • Special handling is required for items such as expensive artwork, antique furniture, large musical instruments, wine collections, and hot tubs. If you have any of these items to be moved, ensure that you inform the providers in advance to ensure they possess the necessary expertise to handle them. Exploring moving company services offered by luxury movers, especially for taking specific items, is also advisable. Although it may incur additional costs, it is almost always worth the investment.

Vehicle transport

  • Suppose you are unable to move your vehicle on your own. In that case, your movers can arrange an auto transport solution or guide you to a trusted transport company specializing in this service. There are multiple options available to transport your car from point A to point B, and even if your moving provider cannot handle it directly, they can assist you in arranging the most suitable alternative.

How much do moving services cost?

The cost of the moving company services you require depends on various factors, including your location, the size of your home, the volume of items to be moved, and the timing of your move (specific times, days, months, and seasons may have higher prices).

How to choose a moving company

With numerous moving companies available, you should be able to locate one that provides all the moving services you require.

When hiring movers, it is essential to consider several key factors. Here are some of the most important variables to keep in mind:

  • Your budget
  • Your timeline
  • Your location and the distance of your move

Before contacting providers, ensure you have readily available information and a rough estimate of your total moving inventory (i.e., the number of belongings you need to move). This information will enable moving companies to provide you with the most accurate estimates, facilitating easy comparison of services and prices. You can then select the provider that best suits your requirements.

Questions to ask a moving company before you hire them

Gathering as much information as possible in advance is crucial as a moving contract holds legal weight. This will help safeguard your rights and prevent any unpleasant surprises.

Take your time to evaluate providers, and be sure to ask the following questions:

  • Is your company licensed and insured? (You can also ask for their DOT number and verify it through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.)
  • What sorts of liability insurance plans do you offer? What do they cover, and how much do they cost? Is there free coverage available?
  • What happens if any of my items get lost or damaged during my move?
  • Are your estimates binding?
  • Are there any additional fees that we still need to cover?
  • What is your cancellation policy?
  • Do I qualify for any discounts?

Reputable movers will gladly address all these questions and offer additional guidance when needed. However, it’s also essential to conduct your research to determine the reliability and value of a moving company. Seek referrals if possible and review online feedback.

Choosing the right moving services and hiring a suitable company may take time, so it’s advisable to start planning your move well in advance. This way, you can have greater confidence that you’ll obtain the same services you need at the correct cost without having to rush and potentially compromise the quality of service.

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