Professional Packing

Manasota Movers offers full-service professional packers who are dedicated to protecting your items. Our professionals will arrive with all the necessary supplies to protect and box your valuables.

Manasota Movers only charges for the supplies we use on your job, and the supplies are yours to keep after the move is over. This is part of our commitment to ensure you are billed honestly and accurately.

Our professional packers start the process with a walkthrough of your home or business. We listen to your needs and offer experienced recommendations on how to organize and pack your belongings. Our packers will then determine the supplies needed for your home or business.

On moving day, we coordinate an efficient system to determine which rooms should be completed first. As we pack, we wrap and protect each item, place them in the appropriate sized boxes, seal, and label the boxes with both the room and our packer’s signature. Our movers carefully load the truck and transport your items to their new location.

Once at your new home or business, all items are allocated and distributed to the right location. We unpack each box and inspect each item to ensure they are in their original condition.