What To Expect During Your Move

Your big day is finally here! Let’s get moving! As your moving company, it’s our responsibility to make sure there are no issues during your move. That’s why we’ve created a streamlined moving day workflow that’s designed to make your experience as seamless as possible. Here’s what to expect on your moving day.

At Your First Location

  • Confirmation Call: Before your movers arrive, a Manasota Movers team member will call you to let you know that your movers are on their way.
  • Arrival & Initial Walkthrough: Once our team arrives at your location, your moving time will begin. Our movers will greet you and introduce themselves upon arrival, then ask for a walkthrough of your location. Please give them a tour of your home and show them which items need to be moved. During this initial walkthrough, your movers will inspect each piece of furniture for pre-existing damage.
  • Positioning the Truck: Once your walkthrough is complete, we’ll park our moving truck in an optimal location. We typically wait to position our truck until after the walkthrough because it allows us to pick the best loading site for your move.

  • Protecting Your Belongings: Before loading our moving truck, our movers will take extra steps to protect your belongings. They’ll disassemble any items that need to be broken down for your move, such as dressers with mirrors, entertainment centers, large tables, and beds. Then, our movers will protect large furniture with heavy-duty moving pads. If you have large glass pieces, our movers will provide additional protection using mirror packs. Our movers may also shrink wrap certain items, like couches, in order to provide them with the best protection. Additionally, our team will cover your mattresses and box springs with new mattress covers in order to keep them from getting dirty during transit.
  • Loading the Truck: Our efficient loading process is designed to maximize truck space, streamline the loading process, and keep your belongings secure. We start loading at the front of the truck and load in tiers. Within each tier section, we create a solid base using sturdy items like dressers, nightstands, and entertainment centers. Then, we carefully stack boxes and other square items on top of this solid base. The top of each tier is finished with lighter items that cannot withstand any weight. After we form one tier section, we repeat the process until the truck is loaded. As we go, we use tie downs and straps to make sure your items will stay securely in place during transit. Note that all of our trucks have a built-in camera system that allows our movers to view your items during transit and ensure that they do not shift.
  • Final Loading Check: After our truck is loaded, we’ll do a final walkthrough of your first location to make sure nothing was left behind. At this time, please let your movers know if there are any additional items that need to be moved. Once we’re sure that nothing was overlooked, we’ll close up our truck and head to your new home.

At Your Second Location

  • Second Location Walkthrough: At your second location, you’ll give your movers a walkthrough of your space, just like you did at your first location. During this walkthrough, let your movers know where you want your furniture and boxes to go. This will help them make the offload process as efficient as possible.
  • Unloading the Truck: Our movers will bring your belongings into your home and place them within their designated rooms. In some cases, we will leave the padding on your furniture until the very end of the unloading process. We do this to protect your belongings while they are unloaded.
  • Furniture Reassembly: If any of your furniture was disassembled for your move, our movers will reassemble it at your final destination.
  • Final Walkthrough: After our moving truck is completely offloaded, we’ll perform a final walkthrough of your home to ensure that all of your belongings are in the right place. If any items need to be switched from one room to another, please let us know. We’d be happy to help you move things around inside your new home.

  • Truck Inspection: Before our movers leave your location, they’ll inspect the inside of our moving truck to verify that it is empty. You’re also welcome to inspect our truck and make sure that none of your belongings have been left behind.

After Your Move

  • Payment: Once your move is complete, our lead team member will call in to the Manasota Movers corporate office to let us know your finalized time. Our team will calculate your final charges based on this finalized time, then present you with your moving paperwork, which will include your final charges. Our office will process your final payment using the same credit card you used for your initial deposit. Once your payment is processed, we’ll ask you for a final signature and provide you with a receipt. Tips for team members are always welcomed, but are not expected. If you’d like to tip, you can tip in cash or add a tip to your final bill. If you’d like to tip using your credit card when you pay your final bill, please let us know at that time.
  • Review Us: After your move, our office will send you an email asking you to review us on Google or Yelp. As a highly rated local moving company, we’re always excited to hear feedback about our services. Your positive feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you again for providing us with your trust. We hope you had an exceptional moving experience. Welcome home!