Why is Moving Furniture So Special?

If you’re embarking on the big adventure of relocation, it’s wise to seek professional help to avoid complications. That’s where Manasota Movers comes in – our top-notch furniture movers provide fast, reliable, and affordable services. By hiring our moving experts, you can save both time and money. So, contact us and we’ll handle all the hard work!

Handling heavy and bulky furniture is a challenging task for a single person. That’s why it’s essential to enlist the help of experienced movers like Manasota Movers.

Our team will begin by completing a walkthrough of your home. Inform your movers of all items needing to be moved. While completing your walkthrough, also indicated any items you would like us to shrink wrap. Our movers will accommodate those requests and would be happy to help. Also, our movers come prepared to wrap and protect all large furniture items with heavy-duty moving pads. For any large glass pieces such as TV’s, mirrors, coffee and end tables, our movers bring with them what we call mirror pack. Mirror pack are large sheets of cardboard used to provide an extra layer of protection to those sensitive items.

If any items are needing to be disassembled, our team does bring a full set of tools to ensure those items are disassembled and reassembled at your final destination. Lastly, our movers bring our mattress covers, which are large clear plastic bags we use to protect your mattresses and box springs to ensure nothing gets dirty during transit.

Who Handles the Relocation of Your Furniture Items?

While friends and family can be helpful when moving across town, hiring professional furniture movers for anything beyond a few small items is essential. The risk of injury or damage is high when moving large or heavy pieces without proper training and equipment. However, with our experienced professionals, you can have confidence that your bulky and cumbersome possessions will be safely and efficiently relocated.

What Are the Different Types of Furniture Moves?

  1. Local Moves: A large part of our daily moves, these are moves within the same city or town, and typically involve moving furniture from one residence or office to another.
  2. Long-Distance Moves: These moves involve transporting furniture over a longer distance, such as across the state of Florida.
  3. Residential Moves: These moves involve moving furniture and other belongings from a residence, such as a house or an apartment, to another residence.
  4. Commercial Moves: These moves involve moving furniture and equipment from one commercial space to another, such as an office, retail store, or warehouse.
  5. In-Home Furniture Moving: This includes moving furniture from one room to another room within the same home. Maybe you are rearranging furniture or moving furniture out of a room to redo your floors.

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