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When it comes time to move from your apartment, you will need professional apartment movers near you that can be trusted to provide quality services at an affordable price. Moving to and from apartments can be challenging. There are different obstacles to overcome when moving to or from an apartment.

Smaller Square Footage

One of the biggest challenges of apartment moving is having to deal with limited square footage. Tighter spaces and narrower doorways make it more difficult to move household items in or out. Particularly, moving bulkier things like large furniture pieces without denting walls or doorways is challenging for an inexperienced mover or moving company. Luckily, Manasota Movers specializes in apartment moving and understands how to navigate apartments while keeping your belongings in your new home safe and protected. We take the time to pad and protect your large furniture items with heavy duty moving pads. Large glass items will receive extra protection with moving pads and mirror pack. Mirror pack are large sheets of cardboard used in addition to moving pads to provide those glass items an extra layer of protection.

Less Room for Your Belongings

Another challenge when moving into an apartment is that all your furniture and possessions may not fit. Not having enough square footage to accommodate all of your belongings is one of the major problems with apartment living. One of our biggest tips for apartment moving is to measure doorways and rooms to figure out which of your items will fit and which will not before moving in. If you have items that do not fit and you do not want to get rid of them, consider having us move those items into storage. If you are looking to donate any items not able to fit within your new space, consider contacting Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Also, posting items on popular social media platforms for sale is an alternative to donating.

Multiple Story Buildings

While some apartments are on the ground level, a common apartment problem is many units are located on upper levels. Some multi-level apartment complexes may not have an elevator. Our movers will either carry your things up the stairs or use an elevator, if available. Our crews at Manasota Movers are familiar with the safest and most effective heavy lifting techniques. Utilizing tools such are hump straps to safely maneuver and transport your larger furniture items upstairs is one method to ensure no items are damaged. If your apartment complex has a service elevator, please ensure you reserve it for the day of your move. Most management companies will pad and protect their elevator so it is protected during your move. Please also note if your apartment complex only has one elevator, we may have to share it with other residents within the building. Sharing an elevator with other residents may slow the moving process down.

Certificate of Insurance

Most landlords and property managers will require a Certificate of Insurance before allowing your moving crew to start. This document will prove that your movers are insured for that specific property. When you move with Manasota Movers, we’ll make sure to get that certificate and any other necessary documentation to the management company prior to moving day. Please remember to provide us with the contact information of the individual needing the documentation.

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You can always rely on our professional movers to handle your apartment move with the same expertise and care that we bring to all our moving projects. We provide apartment moves in the following cities:

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